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National Academy of Inventors Selects Top 10

The USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors selected the top 10 finalists today to compete before a live judging panel on Thomas Edison’s birthday (February 11, 2015).   The finalists are invited to a private training session this Saturday provided by HSN Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Invention Trademark Student Grade Teacher School County
Pressure Clothing The Missing Piece Hanley Riggs 8 Elizabeth Magnusson Academy at the Lakes Hillsborough
Edu-Feedback The Boring Button Alenna Spiro 8 Tracie Overdorff Terrace Community Middle Hillsborough
Beach blanket with detachable inflatable mat Beach Blanket Buddy Grant Humphries 6 Gynnekia Booth Martinez Middle School Hillsborough
No Bully Bracelet Anti Bully Band Alexis Martin 3 Patricia Lake Spessard L. Holland Elementary Polk
Device that a plice man can detect if a person is wearing a seatbelt Light on Lights Off Avery New 5 Melissa Gembarowski Family of Christ Christian School Hillsborough
Oil dispenser and spreader E-Z Spreader Sanjana Srinivasan 6 Jennifer Griffin Martinez Middle School Hillsborough
Highway Sweeper High Sweep Zachary Shinneman 5 Sandra VanOosten Walden Lake Elementary School Hillsborough
Storage Hair Brush with Water Spraying Bristles Rush Brush Waishy Harmon 6 Melissa Gembarowski Family of Christ Christian School Hillsborough
Ice bandage Ice bandade Lily Quay 3 Esposito Lester Canterbury School of Florida Pinellas
the speed bump at school zones that goes up automatically at school time the up bump Marc Taylor 5 Sylvie Fanous-Samaan Learning Gate Community School Hillsborough

USF Young Innovator Finalist Medals

This year the University of South Florida is proud to introduce custom, one-of-a-kind medals for the ten (10) selected finalists selected February 4, 2015 by the USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors.

2015 Finalist Medals - USF Young Innovator Competition

These are substantial, premium-grade awards that reflect the intellectual and creative accomplishments of this competition’s top young inventors.  In addition to the medals, the top ten (10) finalists will win annual family passes to Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry, gifts from HSN and a chance to win $1,000 for themselves and another $1,000 for their school.  The deadline for entry is February 1, 2015.   Entry forms are available online.

Top 10 Finalist Selected

The USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors selected the top 10 inventors to compete at a live event on February 11, 2014.  The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 cash plus another $1,000 for their school.  Second prize receives $500 plus $500 for their school.  Third prize wins $250 and another $250 for their school.  All ten finalists receive special medals and annual family passes to Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).

All Finalists are Highly Encouraged to Attend the Presentation Workshop at USF this Saturday, February 1, 2014 from 9:30 AM to Noon.  Contact Kari McDermott at info@innovationexpress.org for more information.

Title Grade StudentLast StudentFirst Teacher
Portapaint 3 Goldenberg Zachary Wintrip / Tomko
Castholder 3 Tibbs Catherine Wintrip / Tomko
Night Glow Socks 3 Boss Heather Wintrip / Tomko
Alcohol Detection Cups 8 Patrica Lindsey Soltau
Pedal Less Music Turner 8 Trusso Aris Soltau
Light Up Nighttime Mat for Bedroom 5 Fowler Hannah Magnusson
Shopping Cart with Tech Functions 8 Feingold Melissa Magnusson
Walking Cane with Grabber 4 Vaughan Aidan VanOosten
Mailbox Notification System 4 Bali Rajan Yates
Shoutstopper 7 Bennett Jessica Carwise Middle

Photos of the National Academy Judging today:





Top 10 finalist selected

The National Academy of Inventors, USF Chapter selected the following students to present their inventions at the Fifth Annual Young Innovator Competition on Monday, February 11, 2013:

Finalist Invention School County Grade Teacher
Cooper Tharrington Sound Asleep Clocks Walden Lake Elem Hillsborough 4 Sandra Van Oosten
George Seits Built-In French-Fry Condiment Holder Middleton High Hillsborough 10  
Grace Larson Portable Hitching Post for Dogs Safety Harbor Elem Pinellas 4 Ms. Howard
Jonathan Ullom Lawn Mower Side Discharge Chute Clearer Home-Schooled Polk 11  
Katie Warren Boo Boo Baboon St. Pauls School Pinellas 3 Joanie Falk
Keeley Karnes Hear-rings St. Pauls School Pinellas 3 Joanie Falk
Mica Jadick Cereal Container that Removes Crumbs Martinez Middle Hillsborough 7 Shane Ama
Nicholas Boyd Safe Teen Driver System Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8 Terrie Soltau
Prerna Ravinder The Back Benefactor McKeel Academy Polk 5 Lisa Bridges
Stamatina Liristis Scratch O Matic St. Pauls School Pinellas 3 Joanie Falk