MOSI Partnership

mosi_imagesThe Young Innovator Competition would not achieve its mission and success without the support of Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).  

In 2009, the competition started at MOSI’s Science Works Theater with ten elementary school finalists.  The very first grand prize winner was Max Hartle who invented a scratch pad for his dog that would spray water on the dog if it starting scratching at the dog.  Each year, M20120210_USF_Young_Innovators_Competition_0107OSI provides a day pass to every competitor of the Young Innovator Competition which enables any child with an interest in science, engineering and inventing to visit a world-class facility.  The finalists that compete each year before a live panel of judges receive annual family passes to MOSI as recognition of their achievement.

MOSI serves as an international destination for tourists, students and visitors to Florida.  It also is an established hub o20120210_USF_Young_Innovators_Competition_0101f STEM education in the Tampa Bay area and is forecast to be an indispensible driver for future jobs.  Children exposed to science and engineering at an early age are more likely to pursue careers in those fields.

MOSI is a non-profit, community-based institution and educational resource that is dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge and understanding of science, industry and technology. MOSI’s core ideology is to make a difference in people’s lives by making science real for people of all ages and backgrounds. MOSI is now the largest science center in the southeast and the 5th largest in the U.S.

Anna Hopen speaks with MOSI’s President Wit Ostrenko.

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