Israel Morejon

lednovation_still_01 - CopyIsrael Morejon is an inventor and manufacturer of numerous technologies from state-of-the-art LED lighting technology to guided missiles  He founded Integrated Engineering Technology (IET) designing technology for lighting, hearing aids, kidney dialysis systems, robots and the core waveguide technology used in speed guns. At Johnson & Johnson he designed acute care patient monitoring products.


At Jabil Circuit, he architected a diverse group of products including automotive, wireless, storage, computing devices, laptop docking stations, camera modules, PDAs, smart phones. wireless modem technology and optical tomography cancer systems in addition to architecting LED-based technology.  Israel is currently Chief Technology Officer at enVerid Systems.  enVerid’s new patented cutting edge HVAC Load Reduction (HLR™) technology addresses one of the leading causes of energy waste in buildings associated with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which stems from the constant need to replace indoor air with outside air.

A prolific innovator, Mr. Morejon has numerous pending and granted patents in a variety of technology areas. Mr. Morejon is an engineering graduate from the University of South Florida.

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