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Dates for 2017 Announced

  • Entry deadline:  Postmarked by Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 or received online by 8 AM Monday, January 23, 2017
  • Top 20 selected:  Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
  • NAI Chapter Judging:  Monday, Jan. 30, 2017 at noon @ Oak View -> pick top 3 elementary and top 3 middle school
  • Finalist Workshop:   Sat. Feb. 4, 2017 at 1 PM (Channel 8 News).
  • Finalist Competition:   Fri., Feb. 10, 2017 at USF Galleria at 6 PM

8th Annual USF Young Innovator Final Competition

All ten finalists delivered outstanding presentations.  “I cannot stop using the word ‘brilliant’ to describe your inventions” noted finalist judge Bill Green.   Finalist judge Dr. Paul Sanberg observed that many of the inventions addressed alleviating human suffering such as homelessness, low vision mobility, re-purposing waste products and keeping children and pets safe from heat.   The judges faced a difficult decision in selecting the top innovators for 2016.  They were:

Ethan-YehGrand Prize
Ethan Yeh

K-Cup hydroponic garden
Tampa Preparatory School
Annalisa-UrenaFirst Runner Up
Annalisa Urena
Vibration shirt for blind user navigation
Family of Christ Christian School
Denzyl-DowningSecond Runner Up
Denzyl Downing
Training device for jump shooting
Academy at the Lakes

Directions to Live Event on Feb. 11, 2016

The physical location of the Concert Hall is 3755 USF Holly Drive on the USF Tampa campus. From I-75 or I-275 to either the Fowler or Fletcher.  Go to Bruce B. Downs (30th Street) between Fowler and Fletcher; turn east on USF Holly Drive.  The Music building (MUS, on the map) is on the southeast corner of USF Holly and USF Laurel.


Live Event Open to Public!

Dear friends and colleagues – hope you can attend the 8th Annual USF Young Innovator Competition this Thursday night at the USF Music Concert Hall.   We have the top 10 student inventors from over 700 entries competing in a live “shark tank” event.  We anticipate a lively event with Rocky the Bull, the USF Sundolls and plenty of surprises.  The inventions exhibit starts at 5 PM and the main event at 6 PM.  Hope to see you there!


Top 10 Finalists for 2016

The USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors selected the top 10 inventions from over 700 entries.  They are:

Invention Trademark Student Grade Teacher School County
Social Communication App for Smart Phones Chit Chatz Angelina Bernard 6 Elizabeth Magnusson Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Aluminum For Tickets! AFT Lillianna Van Germert 7 Rebekka Stasny Electa Lee Middle School Manatee
The Ice Cream Dripper Catcher and Holder The Dripper Depot Katie Haber 8 Zehra Lakhani Clearwater Fundamental Middle School Pinellas
Device to moniter the temperature in cars. Includes an app, weight pad, and a communication device P.H.D. – Prevention of Heatstroke and Death Sam Lowry 6 Elizabeth Magnusson Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Training Device For Jump Shooting The Perfect Shot Denzyl Downing 8 Elizabeth Magnusson Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Home hydroponics system using used K-cups The K-cup Garden Ethan Yeh 8 K.K. Quah Tampa Preparatory School Hillsborough
Expandable Shoe The Expandable Shoe Bobby Pesch 8 Elizabeth Magnusson Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Navigation Vibration Shirt for the Vision Impaired Eye T Annalisa Urena 5 Melissa Gembarowski Family of Christ Christian School Hillsborough
Wall Attached Retractable Leash The Dog Catcher Peyton Webster 6 LeeAnne Foster Martinez Middle School Hillsborough
Dissolving saucing spice spoon. Spauce Boss Carter Brink 6 Elizabeth Magnusson Academy at the Lakes Pasco

USF Young Innovator Finals

Alexis Martin wins 2015 USF Young Innovator CompetitionThe 7th Annual USF Young Innovator Competition held its finalist competition last night at the University of South Florida.  The ten finalists competed in a live event before five expert judges: Israel Morejon, Valerie McDevitt, Bill Green, Jenn Holloway and Sebastian Dewhurst.  The ten finalists were:

  1. Waishy Harmon Water Spraying Brush
  2. Hanley Riggs Pressure Clothing
  3. Zachary Shinneman Highway Sweeper
  4. Grant Humphries Beach Inflatable Mat
  5. Alenna Spiro Edu-Feedback
  6. Avery New Seatbelt Detector
  7. Sanjana Srinivasan Oil Spreader
  8. Lily Quay Ice Bandage
  9. Marc Taylor Retracting Speed Bump
  10. Alexis Martin No Bully Bracelet

The 6th Annual Outback Steakhouse Top Trademark Award went to Waishy Harmon for her RUSH BRUSH™ trademark for a water spraying brush.

HSN's Bill Green discusses Waishy Harmon's invention with her.

Grand Prize

The $1,000 Grand Prize went to Alexis Martin for her “No Bully Bracelet.”  In addition, she won a new HP notebook computer and HP tablet courtesy of HSN.

Alexis Martin PresentsAlexis Martin and Jenn Holloway

2nd Place

The runner up with Marc Taylor for his retractable speed bump for school zones earning him $500 and a GoPro 3 camera from HSN.

Marc Taylor Marc Taylor wins a GoPro camera from HSNMarc Taylor's cheering section.

Third Place

The third place award of $250 went to Hanley Riggs for her pressure clothing invention for autistic children. HSN awarded her a third generation iPad tablet.

Hanley Riggs wins an iPad from HSNHanley Riggs presents.