Breakfast of Champions® to Honor Creator of USF Young Innovator Competition

Breakfast of Champions® began its 2014 series with success stories from local honorees who are considered to be a “Children’s Champion” and who bring true meaning to the
term “good sport.” During Breakfast of Champions 2014_Anna and Marielis_Flyerpart II of this IV part series, The Centre Club and its Executive
Women’s Council will be honoring Anna Hopen and Marielis Rivera.

In 2009, Anna Hopen conceived a competition for young inventors, Innovations Express,
with the first competition held in 2010. Ten competitors out of the 79 entries competed in
this “Shark-Tank” style event, and several of the young inventors have since received patents
from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Marielis Rivera, Esq., with Fernandez Florida Law, PA, is very active in the community. She
serves on the Board of Directors of Voices for Children, which provides support to abused,
abandoned and neglected children in Hillsborough County. She also serves as a Guardian
ad Litem, where she provides a voice in court for these children.

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