Top Fifty (50) Semi-Finalists Selected Today

A panel of five judges reviewed over 500 invention entries today and selected the top 50 semi-finalists.  These top 50 will all receive medals and will move onto to the finalist selection process at the University of South Florida this Wednesday.  The USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors will select the top 10 finalist that will compete on February 11, 2014 in a live event.  The top 10 will also be invited to attend a presentation workshop this Saturday, February 1 where they will receive guidance from top industry engineers, professionals and talent coaches from HSN.

Top 50 Semi-Finalists

Traveling Pooch 5 Bemzagh Yasmine Hogan
IV Rider 5 Fisher Justin Wainwright
Screw Top, S-Top 4 Sarmento  Mariana Hogan
The Fabulog 4 Requena  Fabiana Hogan
UHoop 1 Forcella Rosey Hogan
Portapaint 3 Goldenberg Zachary Wintrip
The Water Collar 3 Evans Tyler Wintrip
Castholder 3 Tibbs Catherine Wintrip
Dog Tug Machine 3 Freedman Alec Wintrip
Take the Wind Wherever You Go 3 Fiola Sasha Wintrip
Night Glow Socks 3 Boss Heather Wintrip
Coin Operated Sun Lotion/Block Dispenser 3 Lugo Alejandro Wintrip
Sinkhole Alarm Box 8 Arangjelovik Tamara Soltau
Alcohol Detection Cups 8 Patrica Lindsey Soltau
The Self Detecting Defective Power Cord 8 Hicks Amiya Soltau
Within Reach 8 Milam Marissa Soltau
Scissor/Stapler 8 Guggia Gino Soltau
Pedal Less Music Turner 8 Trusso Aris Soltau
Pillow with photo, voice recording and scent 2 Hogan Alana Hogan
Rotating Storage Shelves 5 Yurchenko Dasha Magnusson
Light Up Nighttime Mat for Bedroom 5 Fowler Hannah Magnusson
Blow up Pillow with Hypoallergenic Fabric 5 Smith McKenna Magnusson
Laundry Looter 8 Passero Jack Magnusson
The Day and Night Window 8 Erceg Annabelle Magnusson
Shopping Cart with Tech Functions 8 Feingold Melissa Magnusson
Motor Powered Automatic Light-Sensing Blinds 9 Gamero Daniel Magnusson
Perfume Puffer 3 Applebaum Zoe Wintrip
Disposable Multi-Condiment Knife 3 Weintraub Weston Wintrip
Walking Cane with Grabber 4 Vaughan Aidan VanOosten
Vehicle Mounted Device which deactivates  cell phones when docked and notifies the parent that the cell phone is deactivated 6 Burcaw Kylie Griffin
Bed Water Bottle Holder 1 Gande Sharanya Romero
The maximum bubble blower 3 Johnson Erin Ogburn
The Automatic Tickler 4 Sakadales Colten Ogburn
Robotic Root Ventilation 11 Davis Drew R. Home School
Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash Dissolving Pearls 4 Fisher Elijah Yates
Design of Novel Nanotechnology-Based Electronic Cigarette Juice with Less Harmful Effect on Human Respiratory System  11 Chow Kevin  Yin
Life Vest with Heating Pad 7 Marcinkiewicz Julian  Stasny
E-Ring 7 Thomasson Kacyee  Stasny
Clear Desktop Computer Cover 6 Solomon Elizabeth Castro
Size Adaptable Segmented Multipurpose Square 12 Ullom Jonathan Ullom
Mailbox Notification System 4 Bali Rajan Yates
Shoutstopper 7 Bennett Jessica Carwise Middle
Sleepy Drink 1 Blue Aliyah  Yates
Magnetic High Chair Cup Holder 1 Carlin Sara Yates
Cat clothing that cleans the house 6 Scherer Rana Griffin
Anyone Proof Biometric Pill Organizer 6 Haire Trevor Foster
The Neater Baker 6 Hunter Zoe Foster
Artificial Rain 4 Alfonso Nicole Foster
Solar Powered Reclaimed Water Sprinkler System 6 Manley Ava Foster
A Fishing Pole that Weighs Fish 2 Quioco Logan Yates