USF Crowns Top Young Inventors

2013 Young Innovator Champion Mica Jadick (center) poses with competition director Anton Hopen and competition founder Anna Hopen (right)Ten finalists from nearly 600 entries pitched their new inventions to a panel of judges but only one would be named USF’s top innovator.  This year the honor went to Mica Jadick for her cereal sifting device that filtered out the crumbs that make the last bowl of cereal unpalatable.   Second place went to George Seits for his French-fry condiment holder.  Third place went to Katie Warren for her Boo Boo Baboon which is a plush toy that holds a cold-pack around a child’s arm or leg to help with an injury.  The judges further awarded a special recognition to Jonathan Ullom for his device to safely clear clogs of grass from lawn mowers.

Principals, Teachers, Parents…..want to keep in touch with the competition?  Have friends, colleagues or family that may want to participate next year?  Please forward them this link to stay updated on the 6th Annual Competition for 2014.

IMG_0827Keely Karnes took home the Outback Top Trademark Award for HEAR-RINGS™ which is her brand for audio ear buds that integrate with earring jewelry.   MOSI’s president Wit Ostrenko awarded all finalists annual family memberships to Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry.

IMG_08342011 USF Young Innovator champion Marissa Streng received her utility patent award from USF President Genshaft.  Marissa has commercialized her dog drying invention which is currently for sale under the federally trademarked brand, Puff-N-Fluff

The ten finalists were:

  1. Cooper Tharrington Sound Asleep Clock
  2. George Seits Built-In French-Fry Condiment Holder SECOND PLACE
  3. Grace Larson Portable Hitching Post for Dogs
  4. Jonathan Ullom Mower Chute Clearer  SPECIAL RECOGNITION
  5. Katie Warren Boo Boo Baboon  THIRD PLACE
  6. Keeley Karnes Hear-rings
  7. Mica Jadick Cereal Container that Removes Crumbs  FIRST PLACE
  8. Nicholas Boyd Safe Teen Driver System
  9. Prerna Ravinder The Back Benefactor
  10. Stamatina Liristis Scratch O Matic

2 thoughts on “USF Crowns Top Young Inventors

  1. Angie Moreschi-Jadick

    Many, many thanks to Anton, Anna & Kari for always making the Young Innovator competition such an amazing experience! Mica had a great time– from coming up with the idea.. to building the proto-type.. to making that nail-biting pitch to the judges! What a great way to inspire the scienctists of our future!- Mica’s Mom

  2. Janet

    I would like to thank Everyone involved in making this event happen! Thanks for a wonderful evening!
    Proud Mom of Jonathan Ullom


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