536 Entries Total So Far

We are still awaiting response from some incomplete entries but this year we received amazing participation. 

Invention Trademark School County Grade
Marvelous Water Aqua Life Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Leaf Catcher Leaf Catcher Skirt Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Insulated Easter Egg The Easy Egg Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
The Super Socks Spatastic Socks Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
TV Screen Splitter SPLIT Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
William David Taylor’s Invention William David Taylor’s Invention McKeel Academy Polk 4
Voice Activated Writing Device Anti-Writer Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
iPod/iPhone Arm Band Charger Arm Charger Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 5
Charger Extension Extend Your Life Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
Multiple Person Face Time Device DoubleTime Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 2
Convertible Couch Theater Couch Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 2
Portable Pretzel Dispenser Pretzel Pusher Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 3
Pocket Shoes Feet Treats Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough  
Suction Cup Shoes Wall Walkers Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 1
Video Game Shopping Cart Super Shopping Cart Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough  
Belt Food Holder Playing With My Food Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 1
Foot Widener Blow Sock Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
Cooking Robot Smart Box Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
Solar Powered Arm Charger Arm Armour Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
Automatic Swing with Cup Holders Swing-o-matic Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 3
Doggy Toilet Puppy Potty Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 2
Air Powered Mattress Corner Lifter EZ Tuck Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 5
Bicycle Seat with Sound Effects The Happy Seat Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 2
Automatic Swing Pusher The Swingy Thingy Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 2
Self Warming Jacket Puffin’ Jacket Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 3
Portable battery operated iPod charger “Portable iPod Home” Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
Cool bowl lid Cool Bowl Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough Kind
Skateboard gloves that spark when you scrape hands while moving/stopping “Hands of Fire” Westchase Elementary Hillsborough 3
The Handy Handle “The Handy Handle” or “H2 St. Pauls School Pinellas 3
Pup Glove Pup Glove Westchase Elementary Hillsborough 3
Valve toothpaste dispensing cap No-mess no-spill toothpaste cap Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Motion detected sprinkler with self-contained water source The Pooh Shoo Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Garage Equipment Holder Strong-Hold Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 4
Portable Hitching Post for Dogs Dog’s Best Hitching Post Safety Harbor Elem Pinellas 4
Convertible Waterproof Backpack Rain or Shine Backpack Wellspring Enrichment Hillsborough 7
The Extendo Duster Extendo Duster Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
I never thought about it I.N.T.A.I Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Healthy Sock Fuzzy Wuzzy Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Shoelace tying and untying aid The Lacer Westchase Elementary Hillsborough 4
Velcro Stick Whip Gloves Sticky Gloves Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Residential riding vacuum VacWay Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
iPod/Phone Holder The box that rocks McKeel Academy Polk 5
Fish Polish Fish Polish McKeel Academy Polk 5
My pull along work station & activity station My Pull Along Station McKeel Academy Polk 5
The nail attacher nail attacher McKeel Academy Polk 5
Scooper the Robot Scoopz McKeel Academy Polk 2
Soup Spoon Soup Spoon McKeel Academy Polk 4
Universal Finder Magnet Magnet-Finder McKeel Academy Polk 4
Crayon Camo Stand The Camo Stand McKeel Academy Polk 5
Crayon Cap Cray Cap McKeel Academy Polk 1
The bringanator The bringanator McKeel Academy Polk 5
Standing Pencil Holder School SuppliesTM McKeel Academy Polk 5
Car organizer with a garbage can Car organizer with a garbage can McKeel Academy Polk 2
  Side E McKeel Academy Polk 2
The lunch tool lunch tool McKeel Academy Polk 2
Crasher stopper Safety First McKeel Academy Polk 4
Squeeze me not Squeeze me not McKeel Academy Polk 4
Where to stand when you’re up to bat Perfect Softball Feet Mea Polk 2
Dog walker helper Walker McKeel Academy Polk 5
Remote control recycling bin Easy Recilling McKeel Academy Polk 5
The alarming purse ipod McKeel Academy Polk 5
Toasty Hands ToasthandsTM McKeel Academy Polk 4
GPS Collar Track a dog McKeel Academy Polk 5
The Amazing Book Holder Book Holder, Bookworm’s Treat Inverness Middle Citrus 6
Therma-Pop Therma-Pop Inverness Middle Citrus 7
Fully Electric Car Super Charged Pinellas Academy of Match and Science Pinellas 4
MusiPack MusiPack Anderson Elementary Hillsborough 5
Adore the Chore Adore the Chore Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Grass Biker Mower on Wheels Anderson Elementary Hillsborough 5
Dog vaca Dog Vacation ChairTM Anderson Elementary Hillsborough 4
Lizzy Dizzy Braille Doll Lizzy DizzyTM Anderson Elementary Hillsborough 4
Bowl Cosy Cosy CompanyTM Anderson Elementary Hillsborough 5
The Outfitter Fitter Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
The Cake Cover Koverz Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Scenty Sprayers Scenty Sprayers Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Radio Football Grid Iron Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Quick Tape Cut Dispenser Tape Dispenser Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Self Cleaning Basketball SCB Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Cell Shut-off Cell-Off Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Quick Teleport & Communication Device Spark Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
The Hammer Gun One-Hit Hammer Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Rocking & Vibrating crib with extra Lullaby Button PimpMyCrib Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Battery Adapter Battery Adapter Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6
Energy on the Go Electrigo Dunedin Highlander Middle Pinellas 8
The Forever Charging Phone Case Forever Charger Tampa Prep Hillsborough 6
Flash-Leash! Flash Leash! Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Ultra Cane Ultra Cane Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Reward System For Kids who limit their video game playing Gametimerrr Ballast Point  Hillsborough 2
Leash & Area Programmable Device for Dogs LAP Dogs Tampa Prep Hillsborough 9
Hot Lunch Hot Lunch St. Pauls School Pinellas 4
Mini Water Gear Set Super Safe Scuba Gear Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Machine that lets you check out books at the library anytime Read Right Library Trinity Elementary Pasco 2
Pen/Pencil/book light Flashpen Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Double layered freezable Reusable sandwich bag Sandwich Savers Martinez Middle Hillsborough 7
The Gel Sole The Gel Fit Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Automatic Spiral Football ASF Oak Grove Middle Pinellas 8
Automatic Pausing Headphones Auto-pause Home-Schooled Hillsborough 8
Brush Buddy for Kids Brush Buddy for Kids Home-Schooled Hillsborough 3
Cushion Block Truck Cush Martinez Middle Hillsborough 6

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