National Academy of Inventors to Select 10 Finalists on February 1, 2013

IMG_6773The University of South Florida Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) will meet January 30 to select the top ten (10) finalists for the February 11, 2013 live presentation competition.  Since 2010, NAI has evaluated over 1,000 student inventions. 

Every member of NAI is a named inventor on at least one or more U.S. patents.  NAI chapters around the world generate hundreds of new patented inventions every year and the organization publishes its own journal, Technology and Innovation.  Ideas submitted to the Young Innovator Competition are evaluated by some of the brightest, most innovative minds in the world.

Within hours of the NAI selection, parents and teachers of selected finalists are notified.  Finalist typically build working (or non-working, demonstrative) prototypes of their inventions and practice their “pitch” to the judges. 

IMG_0743A presentation workshop is available (and highly recommended) for all finalists.  The workshop will take place the morning of Saturday, February 9 at the USF Tampa Campus. 

Finalists will work with professors, engineers and talent coaches to optimize their presentations prior to the Feb. 11 competition. 

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