Semi-Finalists Selected for USF Young Innovator Competition


A record 536 invention entries were judged today by an elite panel of invention/product experts including:

Neal Martinelli, Vice President of Merchandising at HSN

Steve Rogai, CEO of TV Goods, Inc.

Guy Hagen, Vice President at TuckerHall.

Michael Colitz, III, Shareholder and Patent Attorney at GrayRobinson.

Anton Hopen, Patent Attorney at Smith & Hopen and competition founder


This Wednesday, February 1, the USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors will select the top 15 finalists from the 60 semi-finalists listed below. A presentation workshop will be held on Saturday, February 4 at USF from 10 am to 12 pm. The live presentation event will take place before a panel of celebrity judges at USF’s Patel Center on Friday, February 10, 2012.

Congratulations to the semi-finalists!


Inventor Name Invention Title School County
Katelyn Martin Popcorn Heat Trap Garrison Jones Elem Pinellas
Hannah Yasmeen Kazmier Traveling Toiletries Lincoln Avenue Academy Polk
Hunter Pomeroy The Bright Wallet Socrum Elementary Polk
Kaitlyn Brooke Mahabir The Purified Pooch Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Raymond Dwelley Play-N-Clean Garrison Jones Elem Pinellas
Rishi Nair BOTA Lincoln Elementary Magnet Hillsborough
Hans Preta Smart LED Light Bulb Clark Elem Hillsborough
Kaitlyn Pankoe The Pankoe Portable & Weather-Proof Hound Hammock Lincoln Elementary Hillsborough
Blake Adams Foot Cool Garrison Jones Elem Pinellas
Rainee Holloway Dog Gone Net Churchwell Elem Polk
Ninaj Desai Step Light Aademy at the Lakes Pasco
Alex Kimball The Sweet Spot for Sponges Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Aidan Marino Vaughan Rollie Pollie Pet Groomer Walden Lake Elem Hillsborough
Megan Hobbs Cow Feeder 10000 Walden Lake Elem Hillsborough
Yih-ching Gallagher The Easy Brush Walden Lake Elem Hillsborough
Sara Demolli EcoSip Walden Lake Elem Hillsborough
Peyton Martin Bugs Be Gone Pet Bowl Walden Lake Elem Hillsborough
Kristen Ryan Viewmaster Opedia Walden Lake Elem Hillsborough
Aashi Patel The Eco Shower St. Paul’s Pinellas
Alden Wright Wizor Vizor St. Paul’s Pinellas
Conor Lufkin Super Speedometer Wellspring Enrichment Prog Hillsborough
Kylie O’Brien The Voice Doorbell Wellspring Enrichment Prog Hillsborough
Mikal Willeke Valarm Westchase Elem Hillsborough
Jake Weinstock Hygiene Helper St. Paul’s Pinellas
James Walker Power Plant Spessard Holland Elem Polk
Zoe Brianna Bonanno Hydrove Jackbrush Spessard Holland Elem Polk
Kamarie Owens Picture Taking Earrings Spessard Holland Elem Polk
Hannah Jenkins Silly Bandz Spessard Holland Elem Polk
Christian O’Brien T.A.H. (The Artist Helper) Garrison Jones Elem Pinellas
Johnathan Ellis Pencil Eraser Vacuum Garrison Jones Elem Pinellas
Josh Prieto Baby Bat Country Day Pinellas
Garrett Hill G-FLEX Martinez Middle Hillsborough
Savanna Howard Jam’n Clean Toothbrush Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
Emma Jones Crush Brush Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Taylor J. Williams The Deskercise Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Matthew Brink The Cool Cap Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Darin Kilfoyl Concussion Reduction Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Zachary Young Wireman Harlee Middle School Manatee
Emma Parsley Magi-Comb Country Day Pinellas
Michelle Valdes Dri-Top Terrace Community Middle Hillsborough
James O’Donnell Green Light Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Pasha Yurchenko Miska Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Tabbitha Erceg The Flip It Shoe Academy at the Lakes Pasco
Barbara Barcenas Blow-Straightener Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
Savannah Summy Bye Bye Birdy Mess Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
Katie Burcaw Tree I.V. Martinez Middle Hillsborough
Ashley Ryan Find ME Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
Paola Nagovitch Bendy Longboard Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
Amanda Martinez Comfy Controller Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
Jacob Boulware Car Command Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
John Maciel Safety Boat Clothing Oak Grove Middle Pinellas
Michalina Jadick Foldable Binder Buddy Martinez Middle Hillsborough
Caroline Piro The Invincible Brush Martinez Middle Hillsborough
Sean Pierce Tackle Saddle Martinez Middle Hillsborough
Amy Gadomski Soapy Songs Venice Chrsitian Sarasota
Nicholas Bracken The Butter Blade Venice Chrsitian Sarasota
Ariane Custic USB Outlet Clearwater High Pinellas
Jonathan Ullom VisibleEnergy Roofing Home-Schooled Polk
Barbie Falk Plasquash East Lake High Pinellas
George Seits Compact-A-Shovel Alonso High Hillsborough

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