Draper Laboratory Sponsors 2015 Competition

logocolor250by80The 2015 USF Young Innovator Competition is proud to welcome Draper Laboratory as a premiere sponsor.  Draper is a not-for-profit research and development laboratory focused on the design, development, and deployment of advanced technological solutions for our nation’s most challenging and important problems in security, space exploration, healthcare, and energy.  Draper’s expertise includes the areas of guidance, navigation, and control systems; fault-tolerant computing; advanced algorithms and software solutions; modeling and simulation; and MEMS and multichip module technology.


Competition Founder Gives Keynote in Silicon Valley

August 13, 2014, Silicon Valley: Anna Hopen gave the keynote presentation at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s First Annual Teacher STEM Innovation Institute in Santa Clara.  Anna discussed the evolution of the USF Young Innovator Program and its operation.

Anna Hopen at Silicon Valley giving keynoteAnna and Anton Hopen at USPTO STEM workshop

Anna Hopen is a 15 year-old hailing from Tampa, Florida who just started her second semester at St. Petersburg College where she has a straight-A average.  In 2009 she conceived of a competition for young inventors.  In 2010 the first competition was held at Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).  Ten competitors out of 79 entries competed in a “Shark-Tank” style event.  The competition is held every year at the University of South Florida (USF) on or near Thomas Edison’s February 11 birthday.  Over 500 inventions were submitted by children around Tampa Bay in 2014.  The competition’s non-profit has received support from USF, MOSI, Outback Steak House, HSN and Bright House Networks.  Anna has appeared on television for several years now starring in public service announcements for the event.  Several of the young inventors have received patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office and even appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  Anna was recognized earlier this year by the Executive Women’s Council as a “Children’s Champion” for fostering STEM education, particularly in young girls.

Competition Founder Anna Hopen (15) Presents in Tampa

TAMPA, June 6, 2014.  Anna Hopen was recognized by Tampa’s Centre Club’s Executive Women’s Council as a “Children’s Champion” for her conception and work on the University of South Florida Young Innovator’s Competition.  Going into its 6th year, the competition features a “Shark-Tank” style competition for students in the Tampa Bay region.  Several of the competitors have since received patents and appeared on national television.

 Anna Hopen presents at the Centre Club Anna Hopen, Julie Weintraub and Lisa HopenJenn Holloway and Anna Hopen

Breakfast of Champions® to Honor Creator of USF Young Innovator Competition

Breakfast of Champions® began its 2014 series with success stories from local honorees who are considered to be a “Children’s Champion” and who bring true meaning to the
term “good sport.” During Breakfast of Champions 2014_Anna and Marielis_Flyerpart II of this IV part series, The Centre Club and its Executive
Women’s Council will be honoring Anna Hopen and Marielis Rivera.

In 2009, Anna Hopen conceived a competition for young inventors, Innovations Express,
with the first competition held in 2010. Ten competitors out of the 79 entries competed in
this “Shark-Tank” style event, and several of the young inventors have since received patents
from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Marielis Rivera, Esq., with Fernandez Florida Law, PA, is very active in the community. She
serves on the Board of Directors of Voices for Children, which provides support to abused,
abandoned and neglected children in Hillsborough County. She also serves as a Guardian
ad Litem, where she provides a voice in court for these children.

To reserve your spot, contact Member Concierge at 813.286.4040 or via Email at contactus@centretampa.com

$9.95++ Members / $15 inclusive Non-members/ Reservations, please. Guests welcome!

Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon seeking more USF Young Innovators

Casting producer David Garcia advised that he received so many great submissions from the USF Young Innovator competition he wanted us to reach out again.  The deadline is Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The February 19, 2014 segment entitled “Tonight Show Fallonventions” sponsored by GE was such a success they are seeking more young innovators.  Marissa Streng, inventor of the patented Puff-N-Fluff, was a featured guest on the first aired segment. Streng, the 2011 USF Young Innovator Competition grand prize winner, created the dog drying invention while she was in the third grade.

Interested? We invite you to make a 1-2 minute video that showcases the inventor and invention. Keep it simple – you can use the video camera on a smartphone.

Make sure the inventor says the following things:

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Hometown
  4. Invention Name
  5. How they got the idea for the invention
  6. Show how the invention works

You can email the video (or a link, if it’s easier to upload it to Youtube or Vimeo) to David Garcia at “The Tonight Show” (davidlatenight@gmail.com). Make sure that email includes:

  1. Inventor’s name, age, hometown
  2. Invention name
  3. Parents name, phone #, email address

DEADLINE – Tuesday, March 18, 2014