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USF Young Innovator Finals

Alexis Martin wins 2015 USF Young Innovator CompetitionThe 7th Annual USF Young Innovator Competition held its finalist competition last night at the University of South Florida.  The ten finalists competed in a live event before five expert judges: Israel Morejon, Valerie McDevitt, Bill Green, Jenn Holloway and Sebastian Dewhurst.  The ten finalists were:

  1. Waishy Harmon Water Spraying Brush
  2. Hanley Riggs Pressure Clothing
  3. Zachary Shinneman Highway Sweeper
  4. Grant Humphries Beach Inflatable Mat
  5. Alenna Spiro Edu-Feedback
  6. Avery New Seatbelt Detector
  7. Sanjana Srinivasan Oil Spreader
  8. Lily Quay Ice Bandage
  9. Marc Taylor Retracting Speed Bump
  10. Alexis Martin No Bully Bracelet

The 6th Annual Outback Steakhouse Top Trademark Award went to Waishy Harmon for her RUSH BRUSH™ trademark for a water spraying brush.

HSN's Bill Green discusses Waishy Harmon's invention with her.

Grand Prize

The $1,000 Grand Prize went to Alexis Martin for her “No Bully Bracelet.”  In addition, she won a new HP notebook computer and HP tablet courtesy of HSN.

Alexis Martin PresentsAlexis Martin and Jenn Holloway

2nd Place

The runner up with Marc Taylor for his retractable speed bump for school zones earning him $500 and a GoPro 3 camera from HSN.

Marc Taylor Marc Taylor wins a GoPro camera from HSNMarc Taylor's cheering section.

Third Place

The third place award of $250 went to Hanley Riggs for her pressure clothing invention for autistic children. HSN awarded her a third generation iPad tablet.

Hanley Riggs wins an iPad from HSNHanley Riggs presents.

National Academy of Inventors Selects Top 10

The USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors selected the top 10 finalists today to compete before a live judging panel on Thomas Edison’s birthday (February 11, 2015).   The finalists are invited to a private training session this Saturday provided by HSN Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Invention Trademark Student Grade Teacher School County
Pressure Clothing The Missing Piece Hanley Riggs 8 Elizabeth Magnusson Academy at the Lakes Hillsborough
Edu-Feedback The Boring Button Alenna Spiro 8 Tracie Overdorff Terrace Community Middle Hillsborough
Beach blanket with detachable inflatable mat Beach Blanket Buddy Grant Humphries 6 Gynnekia Booth Martinez Middle School Hillsborough
No Bully Bracelet Anti Bully Band Alexis Martin 3 Patricia Lake Spessard L. Holland Elementary Polk
Device that a plice man can detect if a person is wearing a seatbelt Light on Lights Off Avery New 5 Melissa Gembarowski Family of Christ Christian School Hillsborough
Oil dispenser and spreader E-Z Spreader Sanjana Srinivasan 6 Jennifer Griffin Martinez Middle School Hillsborough
Highway Sweeper High Sweep Zachary Shinneman 5 Sandra VanOosten Walden Lake Elementary School Hillsborough
Storage Hair Brush with Water Spraying Bristles Rush Brush Waishy Harmon 6 Melissa Gembarowski Family of Christ Christian School Hillsborough
Ice bandage Ice bandade Lily Quay 3 Esposito Lester Canterbury School of Florida Pinellas
the speed bump at school zones that goes up automatically at school time the up bump Marc Taylor 5 Sylvie Fanous-Samaan Learning Gate Community School Hillsborough

Bloomin’ Brands (Outback Steakhouse) Top Trademark Award

Finalist judge from the United States Patent & Trademark Office and former federal trademark examining attorney Joyce Ward gave out the 2014 Outback Steakhouse Top Trademark Award to Hannah Fowler for her BRITE NIGHT™ trademark.   Hannah also won a $100 gift card to Outback Steakhouse.  Hannah invented a mat that lights up in the dark when stepped on.  The competition committee particularly thanks Kelly Lefferts at Bloomin’ Brands for her long-time support of this award.

2014-Young-Innovator 136

Finalist Competition Recap

All ten finalists gave excellent presentations and the judges had a challenge selecting the top three winners.  They were:

Grand Prize Winner:  Melissa Feingold

Invention: Shopping Cart with Tech Functions
Prize Money: $1,000 personally and $1,000 to Academy at the Lakes
HSN Gift:  Gateway Laptop Computer
MOSI Gift: Annual Family Membership

7.	Melissa Feingold - Shopping Cart with Tech Functions2014-Young-Innovator 3662014-Young-Innovator 2742014-Young-Innovator 266

First Runner Up:  Heather Boss

Invention: Night Glow Socks
Prize Money: $500 personally and $500 to Canterbury School of Florida
HSN Gift:  JVC Camcorder
MOSI Gift: Annual Family Membership

2014-Young-Innovator 3382014-Young-Innovator 3862014-Young-Innovator 3522014-Young-Innovator 130

Second Runner Up:  Jessica Bennett

Invention: Shout Stopper (audio interrupt for headset devices)
Prize Money: $250 personally and $250 to Carwise Middle School
HSN Gift:  Panasonic Digital Camera
MOSI Gift: Annual Family Membership

2014-Young-Innovator 3082014-Young-Innovator 3062014-Young-Innovator 3562014-Young-Innovator 310